Our Story

Photo by Kyle Thompson

New Mercy Candle Co. is founded by Joel and Tiffany Pinson. We are high school sweethearts who have both always had a heart to create. New Mercy has been a great avenue for us to create together and it has been amazing to share those creations with you. Our goal is to provide products with natural elements making it safer for you to breathe in and better for the environment. We are two candle lovers ourselves, and we are committed to only selling products that we would purchase for our own home. This means all natural soy wax candles and wax melts that don't sacrifice scent integrity.

Scent is such an important part of our world. Some scents may make you travel back in time and bring nostalgic memories to mind. Scents also help to create new memories and to fill our favorite spaces with comfort. Whatever they may mean to you, we are happy and grateful to provide candles and wax melts that best fit your unique lifestyle.